Friday, October 5, 2012

Things have been quiet around here...I've been hugely busy!  With work, of course (On the Town techs in two weeks, and we have more stuff to build than I care to think about right now), but also getting ready...

I'll be selling at the IndieMade Craft Market the first weekend in December (1&2), so I've been furiously planning my display and trying to pad my inventory (at the moment, working on snowflakes, chain maile, and glass pendants).  I've been doing that most evenings lately.  It's a neat show -- if you're anywhere in the area, definitely give it a look.  Two of my colleagues will also be appearing on Sunday.

The latest news though -- I JUST found this out about 10 minutes ago and it's still just sinking in -- is that I was accepted as a vendor at WickedFaire!  Yes, THAT WickedFaire.  I haven't quite wrapped my head around this yet...I'll need to see what sells best in on my book safes...order more colored rings...bulk order supplies for necklaces...maybe make some tiny top hats?  Anything Steampunk will sell...right now my brain is running in circles around my living room and my feet are very tempted to follow!  (Good thing I checked the spam on my seller email!)

And so that you're not left with a picture-less post...tonight's project: