Thursday, October 20, 2011

THIS is what happens when I take work home.  You're welcome.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Granny Squares!

Spent part of my otherwise frustrating weekend crocheting like mad...I'm done with all the colored sections of the squares and now just need to do all the edging and put this together.

 The ones with the black borders are all done!

And the ones left to finish.

Friday, October 14, 2011

This Week's WTF Moment

This WTF moment has been brought to you by my need to spend my Tuesday of Fall Break running work errands.  Specifically, the need to procure plastic wrap and lighters someplace in the vicinity of Joann Fabric.  Might I also add that I passed up many prime parking spots in order to immortalize this moment.

Guess they blew the wedding budget on that limo.....

As Promised....

Masks, shaped!  Now I have to get around to painting them....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

As promised, granny squares for the bag I'm working on.  I've gone with a different pattern than the original (below) since I had some issues getting it to look right.


Aaaand I finished my PJ pants!  Only took me...well, a year since I bought the fabric.  I cut them out in August and only just finished them....yeah.

Projects in progress

Ok, not all in progress, but things which I have some sort of deadline to do. (Here we go, keeping me honest I hope!)  Hopefully I'll update with pictures and finishing things soon!

In progress:
*Star Wars hats -- 2 of them for Christmas gifts.  Need to finish details (UPDATE: Done)
*Granny square bag -- For MIL Xmas gift.  I'm like 10 squares in.  More details later (UPDATE: Done)
*PJ pants -- 2 pair, one is a gift, one is for me (UPDATE: Done)
*Snowflakes -- need finishing. (Update: Done) 
*Card holster -- for Phil -- may need to be modified to be a calculator holster.  This is patterned.
*Magic article -- for the magazine Phil writes for.  The editor talked me into it. (UPDATE: Editing it)
*Masks -- to be sold on Etsy or a local place.  I don't think it'll happen in time for Halloween, sadly.

To do:
*Suit -- for Phil, as promised as a wedding present (I have to get into NYC to buy fabric -- UPDATE: probably next week)
*JLo dress -- commissioned by Carmen (again with NYC, and I have to get on that since she put down a deposit) (UPDATE: did pick up some fabric but will see about some more, 3 yards seems skimpy and I think it's going to be a 2-layer jobbie.)
*Wicked Faire outfit -- my part of the Steampunk 4 Horsemen.  Must do by Feb. (Update: Working on corset and engineering the additions, have hoop steel, got my wig.  Need to get moving on this)
*Skate booties -- for the other pregnant friend (once gender is determined)
*Baby hats -- for the pregnant friends (UPDATE: One in progress since I got bored)
*Baby blankets -- again, for the pregnant friends

*4 Cel phone sweaters (IN PROGRESS)
*Mittens -- for Mom.  Hopefully will match hat from last year (Done!  Don't match hat)
* Calendars -- for everyone.  One set I have almost done, but I don't trust the pictures and must replace. (All done, loved so far!)
*Leather card case -- for Phil, to replace his old one that vanished (and was worn out and needed tweaks anyway)
*Black corset?  I've been given a request for one.

Other things I'm meaning to do:
*18th century gown from old drapes
*Edwardian longline corset (UPDATE: Will be participating in a sew-along in January for just this!  Excited!)
*belt for treadle machine (This is YEARS in actually happening)
*Reupholster wing chairs (or get some slipcovers, they're really pathetic)
*Draft dodger - back room
*18th c. For artist model (I bought one of those wooden articulated figures years ago from IKEA; it has no shins or feet and the plan has been to make a little Marie Antoinette-looking outfit for it.  Eventually)
*Steampunk weapons (This should happen for Wicked Faire)
*Egg bags (a magic prop.  I need to make several to sell)
*Phil's helmet
*Redo website
*Paint leather trench -- another project years in the making, I'm adding these punky wings to the back of a coat that never quite fit in hopes of selling the thing and getting it out of my closet.
*Star wars crochet pillows -- the couch needs them.

The Other Blog

  I've taken over the costume shop's blog -- and should be posting all sorts of pictures of the insanity that goes on from day to day, the weird things we do, and some of the fantastic things we do.
Costume Shop Madness

Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting up to date...

In progress (the point of the blog!): leather masks.  This one has been cut to shape and the edges burnished, but no eyes and has not been shaped.  (Pictures of the shaped masks soon!)

Mohawk hat for a now-former coworker...sadly, I finished this just in time for his move to TEXAS.  *facepalm*

My cel phone sweater!

Commissioned brown corset.  Not that interesting, but I do love corsets.

My new bathing suit...sadly, I did not get a chance to wear this out this season.  Next year perhaps...I'm looking very forward to confusing people on the beach.

Not a craft...Squee, who decided just this once to hang out in the sink, rather than just sit on the side begging for the faucet to be turned on.

Roller skate baby booties!  Gift for one of several pregnant friends.

So Mr Magic has a blog...I'll be posting to my work blog with those projects...I need space to catalog what I'm doing!  Now is as good a time as any...I have loads of projects lined up for Christmas and my various pregnant friends, I'm doing crazy stuff at work, and I should have lots to share.  I also have a list of projects out the eyeballs...hopefully this will keep me honest about actually getting around to/finishing them.  Eventually I'll also get my website back up, and can link that to here, too.