Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Projects in progress

Ok, not all in progress, but things which I have some sort of deadline to do. (Here we go, keeping me honest I hope!)  Hopefully I'll update with pictures and finishing things soon!

In progress:
*Star Wars hats -- 2 of them for Christmas gifts.  Need to finish details (UPDATE: Done)
*Granny square bag -- For MIL Xmas gift.  I'm like 10 squares in.  More details later (UPDATE: Done)
*PJ pants -- 2 pair, one is a gift, one is for me (UPDATE: Done)
*Snowflakes -- need finishing. (Update: Done) 
*Card holster -- for Phil -- may need to be modified to be a calculator holster.  This is patterned.
*Magic article -- for the magazine Phil writes for.  The editor talked me into it. (UPDATE: Editing it)
*Masks -- to be sold on Etsy or a local place.  I don't think it'll happen in time for Halloween, sadly.

To do:
*Suit -- for Phil, as promised as a wedding present (I have to get into NYC to buy fabric -- UPDATE: probably next week)
*JLo dress -- commissioned by Carmen (again with NYC, and I have to get on that since she put down a deposit) (UPDATE: did pick up some fabric but will see about some more, 3 yards seems skimpy and I think it's going to be a 2-layer jobbie.)
*Wicked Faire outfit -- my part of the Steampunk 4 Horsemen.  Must do by Feb. (Update: Working on corset and engineering the additions, have hoop steel, got my wig.  Need to get moving on this)
*Skate booties -- for the other pregnant friend (once gender is determined)
*Baby hats -- for the pregnant friends (UPDATE: One in progress since I got bored)
*Baby blankets -- again, for the pregnant friends

*4 Cel phone sweaters (IN PROGRESS)
*Mittens -- for Mom.  Hopefully will match hat from last year (Done!  Don't match hat)
* Calendars -- for everyone.  One set I have almost done, but I don't trust the pictures and must replace. (All done, loved so far!)
*Leather card case -- for Phil, to replace his old one that vanished (and was worn out and needed tweaks anyway)
*Black corset?  I've been given a request for one.

Other things I'm meaning to do:
*18th century gown from old drapes
*Edwardian longline corset (UPDATE: Will be participating in a sew-along in January for just this!  Excited!)
*belt for treadle machine (This is YEARS in actually happening)
*Reupholster wing chairs (or get some slipcovers, they're really pathetic)
*Draft dodger - back room
*18th c. For artist model (I bought one of those wooden articulated figures years ago from IKEA; it has no shins or feet and the plan has been to make a little Marie Antoinette-looking outfit for it.  Eventually)
*Steampunk weapons (This should happen for Wicked Faire)
*Egg bags (a magic prop.  I need to make several to sell)
*Phil's helmet
*Redo website
*Paint leather trench -- another project years in the making, I'm adding these punky wings to the back of a coat that never quite fit in hopes of selling the thing and getting it out of my closet.
*Star wars crochet pillows -- the couch needs them.

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