Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting up to date...

In progress (the point of the blog!): leather masks.  This one has been cut to shape and the edges burnished, but no eyes and has not been shaped.  (Pictures of the shaped masks soon!)

Mohawk hat for a now-former coworker...sadly, I finished this just in time for his move to TEXAS.  *facepalm*

My cel phone sweater!

Commissioned brown corset.  Not that interesting, but I do love corsets.

My new bathing suit...sadly, I did not get a chance to wear this out this season.  Next year perhaps...I'm looking very forward to confusing people on the beach.

Not a craft...Squee, who decided just this once to hang out in the sink, rather than just sit on the side begging for the faucet to be turned on.

Roller skate baby booties!  Gift for one of several pregnant friends.

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