Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas wrapup

I need to get some more pictures (I failed to get any of my brother and phil in their hats), but here are a couple more of my Christmas crafts...

Emily got an octopus that I made, no kidding, on Christmas eve.  These things go FAST.  She and Connor both LOVED them.  I made hers out of the leftover yarn from Mom's mittens (some gorgeous wool that was a souvenir from a co-worker's trip to Ireland this spring). 

The first two octopi -- they were identical -- went to Brie and Rae.

Not really a craft per se, but the inaugural loaf of bread from our new bread machine!  (Gift from the in-laws.)  Dump in the ingredients, press some buttons, and pretty much ignore it for 3 hours and you get this delicious bread!

We also got a stand mixer from my parents...we'll be cooking and baking fiends this year!

Last craft for now -- my dinosaur planter!  (Don't mind the peaked looking little spider plant in there...he was happy until my cat decided that it needed to be munched.)  I made this from a tutorial on Offbeat Home, with a $2 Target dino.  I also made one for Brie out of a brontosaurus, planted with a jade cutting from my mom.

Next up:
Sew-along with Bridges on the Body (1912 corset -- I got my fabric in NYC last week -- red silk velvet!)
Wickedfaire costume (I have most of the materials, need to do more cutting and obviously construction -- and take pictutes!)
Mobious cowl (from KnitSimple magazine -- I'm working on it now so hopefully pictures soon)
More baby stuff for all my expectant friends!
And as always...all the weird and exciting projects at work!  (Next up there: I post pictures of the organza coats that have taken over my life.)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finally some pictures!

More to come...most likely after the holiday when I can get shots of people wearing their goodies...but for now, some pictures that will probably not be seen to spoil anyone's surprises:

 Mom's mittens (a much lighter/brighter blue than they show up here)

 Lynnie's bag

Connor's octopus (the red is not quite as vibrant as the lighting makes it look!)

More goodies soon to come, until then, everyone enjoy their holiday!