Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas wrapup

I need to get some more pictures (I failed to get any of my brother and phil in their hats), but here are a couple more of my Christmas crafts...

Emily got an octopus that I made, no kidding, on Christmas eve.  These things go FAST.  She and Connor both LOVED them.  I made hers out of the leftover yarn from Mom's mittens (some gorgeous wool that was a souvenir from a co-worker's trip to Ireland this spring). 

The first two octopi -- they were identical -- went to Brie and Rae.

Not really a craft per se, but the inaugural loaf of bread from our new bread machine!  (Gift from the in-laws.)  Dump in the ingredients, press some buttons, and pretty much ignore it for 3 hours and you get this delicious bread!

We also got a stand mixer from my parents...we'll be cooking and baking fiends this year!

Last craft for now -- my dinosaur planter!  (Don't mind the peaked looking little spider plant in there...he was happy until my cat decided that it needed to be munched.)  I made this from a tutorial on Offbeat Home, with a $2 Target dino.  I also made one for Brie out of a brontosaurus, planted with a jade cutting from my mom.

Next up:
Sew-along with Bridges on the Body (1912 corset -- I got my fabric in NYC last week -- red silk velvet!)
Wickedfaire costume (I have most of the materials, need to do more cutting and obviously construction -- and take pictutes!)
Mobious cowl (from KnitSimple magazine -- I'm working on it now so hopefully pictures soon)
More baby stuff for all my expectant friends!
And as always...all the weird and exciting projects at work!  (Next up there: I post pictures of the organza coats that have taken over my life.)

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