Sunday, November 20, 2011

So that bearing necklace I finished?  (You know, the post immediately below this one?)  The silent auction I donated it to was this weekend, at LVRG's season closer.  The auction itself was quite successful (no pictures of the table, sorry), raising a decent chunk of change for the league.  The big winners were Hits It Van Gogh's derby painting (we've been raffling them off all year -- they're amazing), a couple of ink drawings by one of our newer girls, necklace!  Bidding started at $5 (with a $1 minimum bid) -- it sold for $25!  One of our other fresh meat had her eye on it...had the auction lasted longer, I bet it would have sold for more!  I also have several girls interested in buying some from me -- score!  Now I just need more bearings....

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