Sunday, November 6, 2011

Updates! And Pictures!!

It's a mitten!  I'm not wild with how it fits (I made it inside out...and it fits if you keep it that way, but it looks like crap, feel weird if you have it right side out...hopefully it'll be ok), and it still needs to be sewn together at the top and thumb...and I need to make the right one...but it's a mitten!

And my granny square bag is together!  Now it needs to be ironed, sewn together, and a strap done; I think I'm also going to cut out a lining in the shape before I sew everything together to make it stronger. 

Also started cutting out my corset for Wickedfaire....and I have a jar of denatured alcohol full of wheel bearings for some derby jewelry (earlier deadlines on that, i want to donate one for our next bout's silent auction in 2 weeks).  Snowflakes are soaking in fabric stiffener at work so I can block them when I have enough time in the evening/morning to set them out and get them back up before we need the tables.  Anything else for baby shower is looking unlikely, so booties and wrapping up a box of diapers it is!  (There will be plenty of winter left for her to get a baby hat.)  

For those interested, derby this weekend went skatingly.  Wilkes-Barre Scranton won the tourney; final scores were State College 290-Pottstown 50, WBS 156-LVRG 121, and WBS 159-SC 128.  Good games all around!  The day was not without its issues...but as I was not running the event, they were not mine!  It was almost relaxing to just do my assigned job and let the disasters be handled by someone else.  I'll see about posting the pictures (mostly non-derby) tomorrow!

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