Saturday, January 28, 2012

Didn't do as much as I'd like this week, since a slept-wrong stiff neck turned into a pinched nerve...or something...that lingered miserably all week long!  I spent most of my time trying not to move the wrong way, or at all.  I did make some headway though:

Wickedfaire:  I finished my slit throat necklace and gun (photos soon!), and the corset is coming along -- unfortunately, all that edging requires a LOT of hand sewing, so that's going slowly.  And, my wig is DONE.

I have a few outside projects going too, though I'm trying to focus on getting WickedFaire done.  Just got my new business cards, and opened the official new etsy shop ( -- nothing stocked yet though!); I've been asked/volunteered to do WF's fashion show, but I'm thinking that I'm better off holding off a year and REALLY making a collection that sings, rather than just throwing together what I already have.  I'm working on a headband that's a new knit technique, which is going slowly but keeping me engaged; then today I did this:

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