Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wickedfaire chugging right along!  I'm holding on a few things (Delicious LLC is disappointing me lately...I should have my things by the next day since they're only in Philly but I've been waiting almost a week now -- so I can't do much more on the corset for now) pending materials and decisions, but here are some of the things that are going ahead!
 Outside of the corset.  It doesn't look like too much right now.
 Cutting bias for binding the corset edges and decorations elsewhere on the costume.

 And turning that bias into something useful!  On the right you see all of those strips cut out and sewn the top is the finished product on a roll....and at the bottom you see my secret weapon, the bias tape maker!  It folds the edges of the fabric in place so that when you iron it you have perfect bias tape in whatever width you need.

 Hoop steel for the panniers....finally finished spray painting it, over a week after I started.  Would have gone faster if the paint wasn't much happier drying overnight.

 And my little pantaloons, about halfway done.  This was when I was on the way to sew on the waistband.  I need to finish that, hem and elasticise the bottoms, add some decoration, and attach a closure.

Still to do:
Style the wig (more to the point, fix the factory-arranged style)
Finish pants
Panniers (decide how to do them)
Finish corset
Paint and finish figuring out the ribs
Decorate shoes
Make necklace
Make chemise

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