Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sellin' the Ipod!

So I'm selling my 32 gig current gen IPod Touch, since I got an IPhone and don't need yet another device.  This thing was replaced less than a year ago (the original had a hardware issue and a brand new one issued by Apple to me), has no scratches or dings on the screen, and only a few blemishes on the back.  Runs perfectly.  I can include the USB cable, earbuds (that I think I might have used once, if at all), maybe the manual (I can't remember if I still have it, but can hunt it down if there is interest), AND the case (a vertical flip, has a bit of wear but still in great shape).  I've also very recently added a screen protector ($20 value).  Will restore software to factory new before sale.  Asking $200.

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