Sunday, September 2, 2012

VERY Sneak Preview...

...because it's work in progress! 

I made my first few sales this weekend!  (Finally!)  The Steampunk shoes (the ones that didn't make the cut for Famine) are on their way to France (!), a poptab bracelet is headed to Mass., and a skate wheel bearing necklace will be making a new home in upstate NY.  Still waiting on another sale -- I woke on Friday with a request for one of my items to relocate to Australia!

On a not entirely related note, one of our local theatres brought The Avengers back for a few weeks, so we FINALLY went to see it last night.  (I'd seen the first few scenes on the flight home from LA, and while I could almost entirely follow what was going on without the sound, it WAS lacking.)  First off, it was quite enjoyable without being over-the-top Whedonesque, though peppered just enough with those gems he's known for to make it fun.  Secondly, I came up with what could be a brilliant idea...or a terrible one...or one that, like many of my ideas, is ahead of its time (meaning that it's ignored or mocked NOW, until in 5 years it's what EVERYONE is doing).  Still waiting on some materials, should be previewing a prototype or two soon though!  Stay tuned!

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